How to Ensure Your Mascara Does Not Dry Out

How to Ensure Your Mascara Does Not Dry Out

When it comes to mascara, one of the worst things that can happen is for it to dry out. Not only does this make your lashes look less than ideal, but it can also make applying the mascara more difficult. Want to ensure your mascara does not dry out? Here are a few things that you can do.

Avoid Exposure to Air

One of the main reasons that mascara dries out is its exposure to air. When you are not using your mascara, be sure to close the lid tightly. You may also consider storing your mascara in a cool, dry place.

Also, be sure to replace your mascara every three months or so. It helps to ensure that you are not using dried-out mascara.


Use a Mascara Protector

A few products on the market are designed to protect your mascara from drying out. These products usually come from a small tube you insert your mascara. The tube will have a small hole in the top through which you can apply your mascara. This hole is small enough that very little air can get into the tube, thus protecting your mascara from drying out.

Remove Excess Mascara

Before putting the lid back on your mascara, remove any excess mascara from the wand. It helps keep the wand clean and prevents the mascara from drying out. You can remove excess mascara by gently wiping the wand on a tissue or paper towel.


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